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Authentic Connection

Authentic connection. Nothing brings me more life or gets me more passionate than authentic connection. Sitting with the Lord in the morning before I open my email or look at my to-do lists. Being with a group of people, enjoying their company. Biking with my friends on a beautiful Saturday morning, unavailable to the rest of the world.

Authentic connection, however, is becoming harder and harder to find.

Being fully present is one of the greatest challenges many of us face in our connection driven society. With push alerts every time somebody posts to Facebook or Instagram, or the incessant onslaught of text messages and emails we get, how can we truly stay present and engaged? How do we find authentic connection?

First of all, we need to acknowledge we all crave connection. We were created for it. Second, we need to realize things that rob us of authentic connection. Social media has tried to create a sense of connection between people, and they’ve made billions of dollars doing it. In reality, they’re offering a cheap alternative. When we feel alone or empty social media is always right there with thousands of pictures and status updates to make us feel connected to people, but it ultimately doesn’t satisfy the deep longing of our soul for intimacy and relationship. Instead, it keeps our heart and mind connected to people and opportunities that we can’t actually engage with.

Maxi (4), Ruby (2) and Violet (3 months)

But we keep going back for more. Let’s face it: We’re ADDICTED! Even in the midst of community and relationship, my phone, iPad and computer tempt me to disengage from those in front of me and go to the land of magical connection. How hard is it for you to leave your phone behind when you go to a new room or head out with friends What if that text or email offers something better? What if I’m MISSING OUT?

We’re always missing out on something. But if we want to truly engage with the life and people that God has placed before us, we need to be okay with missing out on other things so that we can experience the authentic connection we were created for.  I guarantee there’s more for you right where you are if you’re willing to be fully present and engaged.

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