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Worshiping on Rooftops

I’m sitting in my own row on my 5th of 5 flights home from Africa, and my heart is full.  I have had the privilege of spending the past 10 days in Rwanda and Malawi with two different World Race squads, and while I am so ready to be back home with my family, I am so grateful for the opportunity to go.   

While on the field, I fell in love with the World Race and what God is doing through it all over again.  I stood on a rooftop with 40 sons and daughters of God as we filled neighborhoods with passionate worship of our Father.  I saw people who had once been broken who are now healed.  Those who had never experienced deep intimacy with other believers are now living out their calling as the body of Christ together!  I saw hard hearts that had been softened, and I saw zeal for God and for His kingdom.   

As I fly home, I’m left with this question: How do we help them keep the fire burning and growing?  It’s amazing what happens on the World Race when people are removed from the normal distractions and noise of their everyday lives, but what happens when they return?  Certainly it’s possible to continue living completely sold out for God and committed to the things that are most important to him.   

I have a dream that if we were able to pump 700 disciples a year who’ve had this depth of connection with God back into the local church, we could see a great revival in our churches.  We aren’t content for them to have a great 11 month experience.  I want to see the kingdom of God expanded and new life breathed into churches everywhere.  

This is the dream that I am committing a majority of my time to this year, and possibly for many years to come.  Pray for us in leadership as we seek the Lord and strive to learn from others who have gone before us how we can serve our racers and the local church to the fullest!  And ask the Lord what gifts you have to offer, what fires he wants to start in you that others around you need to benefit from.  Don’t wait for somebody else to show up and bring revival and renewal to your church.  Take the first step, and let me know if there’s anything I can do to serve you in the process!

For His Glory,